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Hawkeye's Hunt

Super hero camp


Kids with Capes

September 16th

North Logan Recreation Needs your Help! Come Save the day at our Superhero camp.  Come train at the Hansen Sports complex and become a superhero. Sep 16th. Ages 3 to 5 from 4:30PM - 6PM and Ages 6-9 from 6:30pm - 8PM.

Villain Showdown: Put your training to the test in epic challenges against notorious villains. Will you emerge victorious and save the day?



City Safeguarding: Immerse yourself in thrilling scenarios as you protect our "city" from imaginary threats.

Spiderman's Web Challenge

Superpower Workshops: Learn about various superpowers and their unique abilities. From super strength to invisibility, you'll get hands-on experience with the coolest powers!

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