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The season is from Mid-May to June and they must be registered by the grade they will be attending in the fall of 2024. Price includes a Hat and Jersey for baseball, and a jersey and visor for softball. You must provide your own pants. If you are looking to play up into a higher level please contact Jon, the recreation coordinator for approval: 435-915-3444.

The games will be on Monday- Thursday depending on the league. If the league fills up please sign up for the wait-list, if we have enough for an additional team we will make another.


Registration: FEBRUARY 1ST

Play Begins: 

Learn 2 Play, T-Ball & Coach Pitch: June 3rd

Minors: May 20th

Majors: May 21st

Pony: May 20th

Girl's Pony Tail: June 3rd

Girl's Fast Pitch: June 4th

Girl's Fast Pitch: May 20th

Girl's Fast Pitch: May 22nd


Learn 2 Play, T-Ball & Coach Pitch: $35

Minors: $55

Majors: $55

Pony: $75

Girl's Pony Tail: $35

Girl's Fast Pitch: (3rd/4th): $45

Girl's Fast Pitch: (5th/6th): $45

Girl's Fast Pitch: (7th/8th): $45


Learn 2 Play (Pre-K/Ages 3-5): M/W 5:30 or 6:30 Session

Learn 2 Play (Pre-K/Ages 3-5): T/TH 5:30 or 6:30 Session

T-Ball (Kindergarten): Games T/TH 

Coach Pitch (1st - 2nd Grade): Games Mon/Wed 

Minors (3rd - 4th Grade): Games Mon/Wed

Majors (5th - 6th Grade): Games Tues/Thurs

Pony (7th - 8th Grade): Games Mon/Wed

Girl's Pony Tail (1st/2nd Grade): M/W

Girl's Fast Pitch: (3rd/4th Grade): T/TH

Girl's Fast Pitch: (5th/6th Grade): M/W

Girl's Fast Pitch: (7th/8th Grade): W/TH

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