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Youth Track

Ran by the GCHS Track team

Registration: Feb 1st- Apr  11th or until full

Season: Monday & some Wednesdays,

Starting April 10th, Ending May 27th


  • $40 for ages 7-15

  • 7-8 yrs old  Time 4-5pm

  • 9-10yrs old 5-6pm

  • 11-15- 6-7pm

  • Jersey: Includes GC track shirt


  1. 1600 meter run

  2. 50 yard dash (7-10 year olds only)

  3. 100 meter dash

  4. 400 Meter dash

  5. 200 meter dash

  6. 800 meter dash

  7. 4X100 relay

  8. 4X400 relay (11-15 year olds)

Hurdles (clinic/fun run through)

​Field events: (3 attempts)

  • Standing Long Jump (7-10 year olds)

  • Softball Throw (7-10 year olds)

  • Running Long Jump (11-15 year olds)

  • Shot Put (11-15 year olds)


*All age groups may participate in a maximum of 3 events.

*Athletes competing in a relay must compete in the oldest athlete’s age group.

Tentative Schedule

Monday, April 10th: 4-7 pm practice

Monday, April 17th: 4-7 pm practice

Monday, April 24th: 4-7 pm practice 

Monday, May 1st: 4 pm (practice meet)

Monday,   May 8th: 4-7 pm practice

Monday,   May 15th:  5 pm (dual meet with SV)

Monday,   May 22nd: 4-7 pm practice

Thursday, June 1st:  5:30 pm (End of season meet at Sky View)

Saturday, June 10th: 9:00 am (District Meet at Sky View)

Saturday, June 17th:? State at Layton?


Maybe add this instead of the registration stuff too.

The United States of America Track and Field Corporation (USATF) uses a method of age groups for
children track programs. The age groups are designated by birth year, not age. Participants birthday as
of December 31st, 2023. The following are the age groups that will be used for the 2023 season.
Every year the age groups move up by one calendar year.

Birth Year Age Group
2016 - 2015 Ages 7-8
2014 - 2013 Ages 9-10
2012 - 2011 Ages 11-12
2010 - 2008 Ages 13-15

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