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Equipment Rentals

We are excited to offer rentals to North Logan Residents. We want you to be able to have fun with your family as you are at home together everyday, all day. We are now providing rentals, get the kids out playing a game they have not been able to because of the lack of equipment!

The rental you pay for will be at the RSL. You will have your rental for a week.


badminton set - $15

net, rackets (long and short), birdies

Flag football - $10

footballs, red and blue flags, cones (small and stand up), ball pump

Tennis - $10

rackets, balls

Spike ball - $10

net, balls, ball pump, bag

Wiffle ball/ kickball - $10

bats, balls (different sizes and kickballs), base mats

Croquet - $10

mallets, balls, wickets, starting and turning posts

Cornhole - $10

boards, beanbags

Bocce ball - $5

balls, instructions


Volleyball set - $15

net, balls (volleyballs and geyser balls), mesh nets (two people hold it to throw a ball in the air)

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