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Flag football

Flag football is a sport of its own. Every child can come and experience something exciting. We have a night under the lights, the children get to break through their team banner and run unto the field as though they have made it into the NFL. Games will be 2 nights a week for (K-9th Grades) and 1 night a week for L2P. All teams are COED. Includes a football. Come join in the fun and excitement.

Registration: CLOSED

Play Begins: September 18th- October 21st (K-9th)

Play Begins: September 19th- October 21st (L2P)

Fee: $35 for Learn 2 Play and Kindergarten

Fee: $45 for 1st-9th Grades

Ages: -  Learn 2 Play (3-4) Games are Tuesdays

           -  Kindergarten (Coach QB) (4-6) Games are Mon/Wed

           -  1st & 2nd Grade (6-8) Games are Tues/Thurs

           -  3rd & 4th Grade (8 -10) Games are Tues/Thurs

           -  5th & 6th Grade (10-12) Games are Mon/Wed

           -  7th & 9th Grade (12-14) Games are Tues/Thurs

View Schedules HERE 

Volunteer to Coach HERE

2023 Flag Football RULES (COMING SOON)

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