Flag Football


Fall 2021

Registration: July 1st- August 16th

Season: September 7th- October 16th


  • Price $32-$42

  • Learn 2 Play: 3-4 year olds

  • Learn 2 Play: Kindergarten/Coach QB 5-6 yr old

  • 1st and 2nd Grade: 6-8 year olds

  • 3rd and 4th Grade: 8-10 year olds

  • 5th and6th Grade: 10-12 year olds

  • 7th and 8th Grade: 12-14 year olds

  • All teams are Coed (boys and girls)

Extra: Includes a ball

Flag football is a sport of its own. Every child can come and experience something different. We have a night under the lights, the children get to break through their team banner and run unto the field as though they have made it into the NFL. Come join in the fun and excitement.