Art Club

Image by russn_fckr

All sessions are for ages 6-11 years old and have three times - 9:00-10:30, 10:30-12:00, 12:30-2:00.

Sessions are signed up for separately. Sign up for the ones that sound interesting to you and come enjoy learning this summer. Each session is $30.

Session 1: "New Angles" June 7-9

Hands-on building 3-D art pieces with different mediums. We'll focus on exhibiting the element of form in multiple ways. We'll investigate form through building and creating different effects on our own art 3-D masterpieces!

 Session 2: "Mix It Up" June 14-16

A focus on color investigation and application! Applying this element of art, we'll practice how to expand the color wheel by experimenting with mixing, brushstroke techniques, and acrylic drip paintings.

Session 3: "Out of this World" June 21-23

There are no boundaries for the exploration of art and space! We'll use multiple paint techniques and applications for each art project as we focus on the element of space (positive and negative) and outer space

Session 4: "All Around Us" July 12-14 

Investigate art through nature how outdoor hunting can turn into art resources. During this unit, we'll experiment with how pieces of nature can transform into art showpieces.

Session 5: "Stack This" July 19-21

All art designs are collage-based this session. Get ready to try different painting methods, layer, and piece together projects that express personality and playfulness! We will be experimenting with bold colors and vivid new patterns!