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Adult Soccer League

Adult Soccer  March- April

Free agents we give out your info to teams and they contact you. If we don't have enough teams then we will look into getting a "house" team together



Registration: Closed Feb 27th or if full

Season: Starts the week of March 5th and goes Through the week of April 27th

  •   7 games. 5 regular games and 2 playoff games

  • $20 off if you pay the full balance the first week of games

  • Game times are 8:10 pm, 9:10 pm, 10:10 pm, and 11:10 pm (if we have to) 

  • In the case, we allow more teams we will have Monday be an overflow day. You will be notified prior to the league starting

Coed 1st/2nd/3rd

    • Games on Tuesday​

    • Must have 2 girls on the field all the time

    • Cost $262.5 (team fee) & Ref Fee $12.5 per Game

    • Plays on a Qtr field

    • Maximum 24 total spots for the coed League. 

  • Women's division

    • Games on Wednesday

    • Cost $350(team fee) Ref fee $14.5 per Game

    • Plays on a Half Field

    • Max of 12/14 teams total

  • Men's division 

    • Games on Thursday

    • Cost $350(team fee) Ref fee $14.5 per Game

    • Plays on a Half field

    • Max of 12/14 teams total

If you need help signing your team up 

Contact Jesse Howe

Cell: 435-760-1644


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